Board Members

Camp Aldersgate is served by a 12- to 14-member volunteer Board of Directors, who oversees the operations of the camp and serves as the “keeper of the mission” of Camp Aldersgate.

Current members are camp alumni and alumnae, camper parents and grandparents, pastors, and others who love Camp Aldersgate.  They bring a variety of perspectives and help to ensure that the various constituencies of Camp Aldersgate are represented.

Current members include Karen Pehrson, who serves as Board Chair; David Burke, who serves as Board Vice Chair; Molly McCleary, who serves as Board Secretary; Rev. Garvin Warden who serves as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair; Bruce Mitchell; Kristine Kelley Owen; Joan White; Bill Redding; Thom Gallen; Stuart Sears; Kim Yeasir; Laura Evangelista; Denise Greene; and Rev. Ken Mantler.

All Aldersgate Board Members support Camp Aldersgate not only through their prayers, presence, service, and witness, but also through support for our Annual Fund.

From time to time, vacancies occur on our board.  If you are interested in serving, please contact our director, Jenn Becker Carpenter at