The Aldersgate Experience

In today’s world, it is sometimes hard to find a place where everyone belongs and can truly feel the love God has for them.  At Aldersgate, our mission is to create these communities where:

  • families are beyond traditional definitions
  • each person is loved for who they are, not who the world tells them to be
  • people can breathe in the love of God in order to feel the peace that comes with being a child of God

At Aldersgate, we don’t create walls of separation; we teach how to tear them down by being God’s hands and voice in the world.


Our faith teaching is based on three key truths – God loves you, God loves all of us, and God wants us to love one another. We believe that we bring people to God by living our faith. We strive to show all who visit Aldersgate a world transformed by disciples of Jesus Christ. This means we talk about and practice taking care of each other, taking care of the earth, and building relationships.