My camper is attending camp with some of their friends. Are we able to request that they all room together?
We always do our best to fulfill requests but we cannot guarantee them.  Camper cabins are determined by age/grade level – we cannot honor requests of campers who are more than two years apart in age. Please note: the other camper must request your camper as a bunkmate as well.

Will I get to see where my camper will be staying? Will I get to meet their counselor?
Yes! You will help move your camper into their bunk. At the cabin, you will meet some of the staff who will be in your camper’s group for the week. Our staff love to meet parents so that they can get to know your camper from the start!

My camper is not a strong swimmer. Can they still go swimming in the lake? 
Every Monday we have a waterfront orientation and swim assessment where we assign each camper to their appropriate skill level. We have two levels and each level has a different area in the waterfront. Even if your camper is not a strong swimmer, they can go in the first level and use watercraft with an appropriately trained staff member.

Is the information in the online registration system secure?
Camp Aldersgate has partnered with Camp Brain, a leader in the camp software industry, to offer online registration for camp. The information in the system is accessible only to the camper’s parents and appropriate Aldersgate staff.


Is Camp Aldersgate just for Methodists?
No! Camp Aldersgate is open to all campers, regardless of their faith background. Campers from many faiths — and those without a faith background — have found Aldersgate to be an excellent place to explore and strengthen their spiritual life!

Do you offer early bird registration discounts?
Day campers who sign up for the entire summer before March 15 pay $1349 for nine weeks of camp!

Do you offer multi-week programs?
While we have considered multi-week programs, we currently offer only one-week and half-week programs for our campers.  

What should I bring to camp?
Full packing list coming soon!

Do you offer camperships/financial aid?
Yes. We believe that no child should be prevented from going to camp because their family cannot afford to pay for it. Please download our campership request form to apply.  If you wish to make a donation to our campership fund, please click hereCamperships are provided by people whose lives have been deeply affected by camp. We are also fortunate to receive limited funds from the Champlin Foundations for camperships.