• Must be a minimum of 16 years old AND have completed 10th grade
  • Must commit to one-week CIT Leadership Training Camp and two additional weeks as a volunteer

Because our CIT program includes one week of leadership training and two weeks of volunteer “hands on” training, participants are able to log over 200 volunteer hours for college applications.  The CIT program is also a great way to prepare for future summers on staff at Aldersgate.  It is not a requirement for senior staff to complete the CIT program but it is a natural transition for many older campers in their journey toward staff!

Our CIT program focuses on the three “ships” – leadership, stewardship, and friendship:

  • LEADERSHIP – Leadership skills are essential to the counselor-in-training program.  Our goal is to give CITs the opportunity to practice and demonstrate leadership skills that will benefit them at Aldersgate and in other educational and workplace environments.  
  • STEWARDSHIP – A servant attitude is essential for all Aldersgate staff and volunteers.  CITs will have opportunities to demonstrate service and  develop a mindset of putting the needs of others first.
  • FRIENDSHIP – Friendships are an essential part of camp!  At the CIT level, friendships are the basis for understanding, teamwork, and camaraderie.  This creates a culture where CITs are ready and eager to work together to support the mission of Aldersgate.